Cardboard Studio Apartment

Oh IKEA. We all love your cheap prices and great selection of furniture and doo-dads. Really, we do. I think we all just want your products to not fall apart after a few months. I hope it’s not too much to ask, especially with this ridiculous cardboard studio apartment you built in Brooklyn.

This 20’x20′ “apartment” was set up outdoors in Brooklyn to attract people to the new IKEA they just built there. IKEA is being very generous with its marketing. If I can recall, my first studio apartment was like 15’x17′ or something similar. Very small. I could probably fit a bed, a chair and one of those $15 breakable coffee tables in there. I’d imagine IKEA did much better with its living space.


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  1. I have a bed from IKEA that’s 8 years old and has gone through 4 moves (soon to be 5). I don’t even think I could wreck it if I tried at this point.

    Also when I lived in Iceland, there was a bus stop by the mall that they converted into a dining room/kitchen. Nothing was bolted down really so stealing would had been pretty easy yet nobody bothered to. I guess we were all distracted by the fact that we were waiting for the bus in a dining room.

  2. 8 years? Not bad!!

    Some IKEA stuff can be fantastic, but mostly, it’s good-looking and built like crap.

  3. Ikea does have good stuff and you have to inspect the hardware and the wood or faux wood for quality. However, it is one of those stores where “you get what you paid for” is the fact.

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