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5 All Consuming Time Wasting Sites On The Net

Animals Being Dicks

If you are like most people then more than likely, you have wasted your fair share of time surfing the net and getting sucked in to websites that are all consuming. We know the feeling of having a deadline looming and yet being so sucked in to GIF's that you keep reminding yourself "just one more".

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Cigar Guy’s Identity Revealed

A week or so ago, an amazingly striking (no pun intended) photograph of Tiger Woods shooting a golf ball straight at a photographer went through-the-roof viral within a matter of hours. Almost just as quickly, one bug-eyed mustachioed man smoking a cigar in the very same photo overlapped the original popularity of the actual theme of the picture. This man ...

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Video Reveals the Truths Behind the Masterpieces with 3D Imaging

What can 3D imaging do for you? How about a whole lot of entertaining. Samsung crafted this awesome viral video which showcases their upcoming Samsung 3D LED-TV. How much can 3D truly reveal about the origins and inspiration for art? Check out the vid, then you tell me. I’ll never look at The Girl with a Pearl Earring the same ...

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Surprised SXSW Audience: A Live Homage to Surprised Kitty

Damian Kulash from the band OK Go, no slouches at creating viral video in their own right, had some fun with the crowd during a panel on creating viral videos at SXSW in Austin, Texas. Kulash encouraged the crowd to participate in this homage to Surprised Kitty. If you don’t remember Surprised Kitty, you can see the video after the ...

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Mario Spotted on the Streets of New York City

We figured that the second most famous plumber in the world (Screw you, Joe the Plumber Douche Bag. Can’t you just go away already?) would be spending his days looking for gold coins in the pipes of the most famous city in the world. Good luck on finding that gold though. Times are tough, my man. Frankly, I don’t blame ...

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