Amphibious PC Keeps You Afloat

Swimming pool gadgets are the best kind of gadgets. Unfortunately, not all of them can keep people who lack buoyancy afloat.� Fortunately, for the lethargic, the “PC of the Swim-Rings” has a flotation device around the computers base which is reminiscent of a LifeSaver candy. The amphibious PC is fitted with a solar power driven processor, water-cooling system, GPRS receiver, Bluetooth wireless solutions, finger-touch input, magnetic charging interface and it’s even water-proof (go figure).

It could be used as a desktop for in-home use, but where’s the fun in that? At the moment the “PC of the Swim-Rings” is only a concept. A concept that, by the sound of the specs, is said to be better geared than any PC I’ve ever owned.

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