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Floating Fade-Out Chair is Perfect For Your Bare White Rooms

Using this chair to its full potential means painting a room completely white and stripping out any other furniture. Do I look like someone who isn’t lazy? The Fade-Out Chair is painted to appear as if it is floating in midair. The white leg bottoms appear in striking contrast to the chair’s dark wood finish. Is all of that worth ...

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Floating Iceberg Climbing Wall

Next time you take a trip up to your lake house, you’ll most likely spend the first few days there waiting for the FedEx guy to arrive with your lovely new Iceberg climbing wall. Sure you just dropped $5400 on a 20-foot high climbing wall that floats in a lake, but think of the fun you’ll have when you and ...

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Pet Collar Flotation Device To Replace Noah’s Ark

Paranoid pet owners rejoice! No longer should you fear scenarios such as biblical floods. With this collar you and your dog will be prepared for anything. Remarkably, the collar is illuminated by LEDs around the neck to make finding your pet during the nighttime an ease. This feature is solar-powered, however, so at night it might not even work. Bummer. ...

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Amphibious PC Keeps You Afloat

Swimming pool gadgets are the best kind of gadgets. Unfortunately, not all of them can keep people who lack buoyancy afloat.� Fortunately, for the lethargic, the “PC of the Swim-Rings” has a flotation device around the computers base which is reminiscent of a LifeSaver candy. The amphibious PC is fitted with a solar power driven processor, water-cooling system, GPRS receiver, ...

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Floating Wireless Speaker Is Not A Flotation Device

Listening to music while relaxing in your swimming pool just got a whole lot easier. Neiman Marcus’ website is selling a floating wireless speaker for $150, which includes the base and one speaker. Any additional speakers would be an extra $100. The speakers are able to go up to 9-feet underwater for up to 30 minutes, just in case you ...

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