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Amphibious PC Keeps You Afloat

Swimming pool gadgets are the best kind of gadgets. Unfortunately, not all of them can keep people who lack buoyancy afloat.� Fortunately, for the lethargic, the “PC of the Swim-Rings” has a flotation device around the computers base which is reminiscent of a LifeSaver candy. The amphibious PC is fitted with a solar power driven processor, water-cooling system, GPRS receiver, ...

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A Floating City You’ll Never See

You won’t ever live to see this floating ecopolis. This concept, designed by Vincent Callebaut, is straight out a science-fiction film with its ability to float. Dubbed “Lilypad,” this amphibious city can hold around 50,000 people and protect them from floods and bizarre plate tectonics. The city is designed to draw power from solar, wind and tidal means, which enables ...

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Cerva MC08: Amphibious Pod Vehicle or Alien Movie Prop?

If an alien and the Embrio Unicycle were to find a way to have a freaky love child, the offspring might resemble the Cerva MC08. Sporting what appears to be an evil grin (no doubt thrilled to have just slaughtered countless humans,) the MC08 is an oval-shaped conceptual transport vehicle which offers modular design to integrate various means of getting ...

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