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A Periscope For Your iPhone

iPhone Periscope

If you have ever had the urge to stalk someone using a periscope then this iPhone gadget is just what you've been waiting for! Sure, it's slightly stalkerish, but this iPhone periscope (actually referred to as a rotating spy lens from Photojojo) costs just $20.

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A New Upgrade Option For T-Mobile Customers


We've all been there, splashed out for a brand new phone using our cell phone upgrade option with our cell provider and paying a little more than we should to cover the difference, only to have an even better phone released weeks later. The only problem is that now that you've used your upgrade, you're stuck with your old new phone for two more years. This predicament has prompted T-Mobile to offer a new upgrade option to their consumers, the JUMP! upgrade program.

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The Reveal Of The HTC One Max

HTC One Max

Back in early July the UK carrier, O2 revealed the upcoming HTC One Max when they published an image of a document from O2 Germany. Well, another "leak" has come out from Taiwanese site ePrice that reportedly reveals just what the HTC One Max will look like

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Gigaset: The House Phone With a Heart Made of Mobile


There was a time in the not-so-distant past that the landline phone, or house phone, was our only method of long range communication. The landline had a pretty good run too. Decades upon decades of communication domination. But then came along the cell phone, all hot-to-trot, dressed to kill and completely capable of doing so as far as communication is ...

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Adidas Cellphone Looks and Feels Like a Sneaker

More collectible novelty then serious contender, Adidas introduced a branded cellphone that resembles an Adidas sneaker. The backside of the clamshell device is textured like a rubber treaded sole, while the front of the phone dons the classic Adidas stripes, looking much like the top of the classic Adidas sneaker. Outdated? You bet. But if you’re an Adidas freak or ...

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Turn Your Old Cellphone Into a Wallet

Clamshell cellphones are well on their way out, quickly being replaced by flat touchscreens. In fact, we haven’t even posted about a clamshell style device since 2008. I’ve gathered quite an arsenal of broken cellphones over the years, whether they were dropped in the toilet or just plain overused, a lot of clamshell models had relatively short lifespans, at least ...

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Cellphone / Razor Hybrid Device

If this thing had a vagina and a mini-fridge we’d be set for life. Part razor, part cellphone, this thing’s got everything you need, sans a shower, to keep you looking your slickest. Link [via]

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Retro Cellphone Wallet Includes Antenna

Perhaps one of the geekiest wallets I’ve ever seen, Toddland offers this Retro Cellphone Wallet. So retro that it includes an antenna. Each wallet runs for $24. If cellphones aren’t your thing (God help you if they aren’t,) Toddland offers a few different geeky designs, including a UFO wallet and a Rocket Ship wallet. Nothing else quite like this Cellphone ...

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