Turn Your Old Cellphone Into a Wallet

Clamshell cellphones are well on their way out, quickly being replaced by flat touchscreens. In fact, we haven’t even posted about a clamshell style device since 2008. I’ve gathered quite an arsenal of broken cellphones over the years, whether they were dropped in the toilet or just plain overused, a lot of clamshell models had relatively short lifespans, at least for me.

While this little DIY mod might not work on the more modern RZR-style ultra-thin clamshells, older models double as an excellent little geeky wallet when they’re gutted and filled with change and bills. And if you don’t want it for cash, it would be an excellent spot to stash your cheeba, if that’s your thing. Because really, what are the chances that a cop will open your cellphone.


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