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Adidas Cellphone Looks and Feels Like a Sneaker

More collectible novelty then serious contender, Adidas introduced a branded cellphone that resembles an Adidas sneaker. The backside of the clamshell device is textured like a rubber treaded sole, while the front of the phone dons the classic Adidas stripes, looking much like the top of the classic Adidas sneaker. Outdated? You bet. But if you’re an Adidas freak or ...

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Turn Your Old Cellphone Into a Wallet

Clamshell cellphones are well on their way out, quickly being replaced by flat touchscreens. In fact, we haven’t even posted about a clamshell style device since 2008. I’ve gathered quite an arsenal of broken cellphones over the years, whether they were dropped in the toilet or just plain overused, a lot of clamshell models had relatively short lifespans, at least ...

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Sony Ericsson Intros TM506 On T-Mobile

Normally, we tend to stay away from the played out consumer electronics but this particular one deserved a mention. The reason? This is Sony Ericsson’s first cellphone ever on T-Mobile’s US network. Known as the TM506, it’s a decent clamshell phone that will feature 3G, one of the key selling points for T-Mobile since it just rolled out its US ...

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UV Disinfectant Wand for cleaning those invisible stains

Ever seen one of those shows on the Discovery channel when they go into hotels or other grungy places and put on a UV light to illuminate all of the bodily made spittle? Yeah, ew. The UV Disinfectant Wand projects intense UV rays that kill 99.9% of all germs in less then 10 seconds. Since this is radiation we’re talking ...

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