A New Upgrade Option For T-Mobile Customers

We’ve all been there, splashed out for a brand new phone using our cell phone upgrade option with our cell provider and paying a little more than we should to cover the difference, only to have an even better phone released weeks later. The only problem is that now that you’ve used your upgrade, you’re stuck with your old new phone for two more years. This predicament has prompted T-Mobile to offer a new upgrade option to their consumers, the JUMP! upgrade program.


The T-Mobile JUMP! upgrade program allows T-Mobile contract holders to upgrade their phones twice yearly beginning as soon as six months after enrollment in the plan. How does this newfangled plan actually work? Well, you purchase a phone through T-Mobile’s Simple Choice Plan and add JUMP! to your phone plan for an addition $10 per month. After the first six months of being on your plan you can then head in to your local T-Mobile and upgrade to a new phone! What if your “old phone” is broken or stolen? It doesn’t matter, you still get your new phone as provided by the plan after paying your deductible.

So what does the $10 monthly fee for the JUMP! program include? Your monthly $10 goes towards protection of your premium phone (something MANY providers will not offer at this time) and mobile security. Mobile security is so that you have the ability to protect your phone with antivirus options and you can remotely locate your phone and lock it down! Plus, you get backups of your contacts and your photos from your phone to ensure that if something does happen to your phone, you won’t lose all of your data.

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