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A New Upgrade Option For T-Mobile Customers


We've all been there, splashed out for a brand new phone using our cell phone upgrade option with our cell provider and paying a little more than we should to cover the difference, only to have an even better phone released weeks later. The only problem is that now that you've used your upgrade, you're stuck with your old new phone for two more years. This predicament has prompted T-Mobile to offer a new upgrade option to their consumers, the JUMP! upgrade program.

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T-Mobile Announces myTouch 3G

Bout damn time! T-Mobile officially announced the myTouch 3G today. It’ll drop next month and is quite the improvement over the Google G1. It’ll of course use the Android OS but will come packed with a nice big 3.2-inch display, WiFi, a 3.2-megapixel shooter and Exchange support. It’ll ship in black, white or merlot and should retail for $199.99 with ...

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T-Mobile Got The Shit Hacked Out Of It

T-Mobile is confirming today that a hacker (or group of hackers) broke into its systems and pretty much stole every last goddamned file that wasn’t nailed down to the theoretical floor. The hackers themselves posted a message to SecLists.org detailing what they had done and the damage is absolutely brutal. Like Checkpoint Tmobile has been owned for some time. We ...

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Sidekick LX 2009 Sports 3G, Upgrades

Another year, another Sidekick from T-Mobile. The uber-popular communication device will be available to existing T-Mobile customers starting April 17th, with the rest of the world getting to purchase it on my birthday, May 13th. Want to know what you’re in store for? Of course you do.

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Quick Review: Samsung Memoir From T-Mobile

Ah, yes. The Samsung Memoir from T-Mobile. It was to lead the charge of the next-generation of cellphones. After all, it has a touchscreen, 3G speeds, an 8-megapixel camera and a variety of other features built-in so it must be good, right? Maybe. The Samsung Memoir, on paper, appears to the hottest phone to hit the market since Apple’s baby ...

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X11 On Android: Impossible? Not Quite!

The X11 Window System, which is commonly used on Linux and sometimes on Mac OS X, has made its way to a new OS: Android. Using custom-built display drivers, hacked Debian shells, a VNC server and a T-Mobile G1, hacker Ghostwalker was able to get X11 up and running on the Android. This gives him the ability to run anything ...

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