Gigaset: The House Phone With a Heart Made of Mobile


There was a time in the not-so-distant past that the landline phone, or house phone, was our only method of long range communication. The landline had a pretty good run too. Decades upon decades of communication domination. But then came along the cell phone, all hot-to-trot, dressed to kill and completely capable of doing so as far as communication is concerned.

But let’ s take a quick look at some of the facts here. These days, owning a landline phone costs a small fraction of the price compared to that of a mobile contract. Hell, you don’t even need a designated landline hook-up anymore. The internet takes care of that for you. But up until this very day there was just something missing from the landline experience. And then came Gigaset to fill that void.

If you’ve been trying so save a few bucks by looking for a landline phone that delivers a mobile experience, Gigaset combines both features. Gigaset not only streamlines the design of the home phone, which has already been attempted by manufactures for years to no avail, but also adds a much needed feature that should have been incorporated into the landline experience years ago: SMS text messaging.

Gigaset phones combine VoIP internet phone technology with the design and functionality of a mobile phone. Gigaset phones have a large display that much closer resembles that of a modern smartphones, and they offer a truly impressive customization feature that lets you create the phone’s skin using any design you want. So even if you have a unique interior design (ahem, My Little Pony, ahem), the phone will fit right in.

Besides all of the great things that Gigaset has done to advance the landline into the modern age, they’re also doing their best to improve the environment with their EDO DECT energy saving system. All of the technology used to build the phones is recyclable and solid. The Gigaset is┬ádeliberately┬ádesigned to help reduce the phone’s energy consumption.

Are landlines and mobile phones now on equal standing? Not quite yet, but Gigaset is well on their way to making the less expensive landline phone a viable option in our very mobile world.

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