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Gigaset: The House Phone With a Heart Made of Mobile

There was a time in the not-so-distant past that the landline phone, or house phone, was our only method of long range communication. The landline had a pretty good run too. Decades upon decades of communication domination. But then came along the cell phone, all hot-to-trot, dressed to kill and completely capable of doing so as far as communication is ...

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Coca-Cola Landline Phone: The Caffeinated Communication Alternative

Ahh, Coke. Other than beer, probably the prototypical American beverage of choice. Why create a phone celebrating the iconic soda? Well, why the hell not. Even if you prefer Pepsi you can’t deny the dramatic impact that Coke as a brand has had on the world culture. So, why not, indeed? Why not mash together the American love of caffeinated ...

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Projection Phone Makes Us Happy To Still Have A Landline

Cellphones are the wave of the future, but landlines are still widely used, no matter which way you twist it. So might as well make your landline look as cool as possible, right? The Projection Phone displays the caller ID info of the incoming call on the ceiling or wall of your choice. A special power saving LED light allows ...

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