5 Best Accessories for your Smartphone


  Smartphones are fast outsmarting the people, with their huge range of capabilities. However, they come with their own limitations; be it battery life, camera, or weak speakers, they are always there and there is no perfect smartphone. Well, these problems can be easily solved using the cool gadgets and accessories available to help you get the best out of ...

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Bingo and Smartphones, a Match Made in Heaven


Smartphones have allowed more people to get online than ever, and in turn caused a rise in the number of social media users and online shoppers. However, more surprisingly, the relationship of technology and online gaming has seen a revival of the UK bingo industry. To have bingo at the tip of your fingers, quite literally, means that the British ...

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StickerRide: The New Interactive Brand Advertising Channel


As brands continually seek for better advertising channels, there will always be new innovations designed to address the problem. Car advertising is one fine example of outdoor advertising favored by many popular brands. Unfortunately, car ads have always been difficult to monitor or track. It has always been a tough call to even come up with a good price structure ...

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IK Multimedia Launches iKlip A/V – The First Smartphone Broadcast Mount for Capturing Pro-Quality Audio for Mobile Video

Press Release

June 23, 2016 – IK Multimedia is pleased to announce that iKlip® A/V, the first broadcast mount for professional audio and video recording with smartphones is now shipping. iKlip A/V now gives broadcasters, videographers and digital storytellers the ability to capture and monitor professional-quality audio for their videos on the go using its integrated high-quality XLR mic preamp with phantom power and ...

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5 Means To Use Print Marketing for the Promotion of Digital Business

Print marketing

Print marketing is one of the top 3 paid advertising methods with a 57% market share according to the CMI’s B2B Content Marketing Report. It is also one of the most economical marketing strategies for the promotion of your business products and services. It can cost less than digital marketing in some cases and is worth the effort and time ...

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Iconic Brands That Have Reinvented Themselves


Despite having an honorable history and a successful sales record, sometimes a company finds it is suddenly unfashionable. This can happen when times change but a product or organization doesn’t change with them, or doesn’t change enough to keep pace with new and different tastes and preferences. When this happens some firms fold up and disappear, while others learn to ...

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How Bingo Got Itself Back in the Game

The expression everything old is new again could well be applied to bingo, the popularity of which has surged in recent years, thanks in part to its availability online to a whole new generation of players. If you are unfamiliar with bingo you will be asking yourself what is it and where did it come from? Bingo is a probability ...

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3D Printing Machines for the General Public

3D printer

Innovative 3D printing options are now affordable to the public In the past, the market for 3D printing has been limited to specialized companies. And while the innovator could design their ideas unhindered with the use of CAD, 3ds Max, Maya, and such programs, the development of a prototype was unobtainable for a great deal of innovators unless a 3D ...

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Cloud Computing Advantages For Business Owners (Infographic)

To highlight the benefits of cloud computing, an IT company called TSG designed this innovative infographic which shows why businesses should implement this new technology for greater profitability and efficiency. The infographic shows that Forbes believes 90% of the worldwide mobile traffic will be from cloud applications by the next three years. If you don’t want your business to left ...

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