Thursday , 30 October 2014

Woman Only Feels Comfortable As A Horse


40-year-old Leanne is your average website designer with a horse fetish. Just like any other web designer with a horse fetish, she has a special horsey name. While dressed in horse regalia she will only answer to "Shyanne." Read More »

Hallo-Tatoo-Ween: Star Wars Jawa Candy Bowl


Jawa's aren't the most trustworthy creatures in the universe. I can't say I'd be surprised if a Jawa poisoned our candy with a tranquilizer, knocking us out just long enough to scuttle off with the $3 and the expired Red Lobster coupon we had stashed in our wallet. Read More »

Chargerito: The World’s Smallest Phone Charger EVER


“Our competitors are giants.” This is how developers Alex Andon, Nick Velander and Drew Hauck are describing their Chargerito; the smallest wall charger money can buy. The trio of developers set out to crowd fund their new device, and have exceeded their $50,000 goal by quite a bit. $76,716. That’s right. Nearly 80 FRICKEN THOUSAND dollars. So this device isn’t just ... Read More »