The Perfect Mouse and Keyboard Combo for Online Casino Players

The Perfect Mouse and Keyboard Combo for Online Casino Players

I’m a tactile guy. I like my clicks to sound clicky and my mouse to have good ergonomics, particularly when it comes to my favorite activity of all: online gaming. I tend to spend a fair amount of time on online casinos each month, so I’m something of an ‘armchair expert’ in getting the right setup, set up.

Ok, so the suggestion I’ll give isn’t only for casino players – I can use these mouse and keyboard combinations for any style of gameplay – but I think they work well if you spend hours on the same sorts of sites I do.

Read on to see what my top picks would be.

The Ideal Gear

My preferred setup always has the following features:

  • It won’t be too ‘spenny
  • It looks fire (read: fiiiirrrreeee)
  • Everything feels immaculate to use
  • Other gamers are jealous of it

Those are really the only four things I’m looking for when I want to pick out an interface and point-and-click duo that works for me. I’m not just a tactile guy: I’m simple too.  I play a wide variety of titles, from triple-A to whatever new mga casinos are out that month. If it’s new, I’m in the player-base. But I know that for some gamers, it’s not as simple as just picking a hardware setup. It defines the experience. That’s why this article should appeal to everyone. Me and everyone else! Anyone buying for these types of titles is probably big into the hobby.

Razer Turret Wireless

The Razer Turret is first on my list. I spent hours looking through customer reviews to decide it was one of the best combos I could talk to you about. Why is it on my list? Because it’s the most expensive one.

Why is it the most expensive one? Because it’s a console keyboard, of course, it’ll be pricey. Last I checked, Xbox will charge around £220 for the Razer Turret Wireless combo. But with iGames becoming more popular on Xbox and the fact you can take it anywhere with you, I think it’s worth it. Sort of. I think people who love gaming have to be willing to spend that much.

Still, the precision of the point-and-click is impressive, and I like the design. It’s not too complicated – although it probably should be, for the price of it.

Cooler Master MS110

I love the Cooler Master MS110. I think it’s the perfect combo of affordability and quality that’s hard to come by. And it’s comfortable to use. If anything, I’m looking for comfort and something that’s not too expensive.

The tactile feedback of the mem-mechanical switches gave me an experience better than other options I’ve played on. And I have used this one. I haven’t just spent hours looking through customer reviews.

I also love the RGB lighting. It really looks like a gaming pairings. If anything, I’d say it looks like it’s for hardcore players.

Redragon S101-5

The Redragon S101-5 stands out more. When you look at it, it just looks like a hardcore gamer setup. But, despite looking expensive, it isn’t. You can buy it on Amazon for around £50.

The reliability and performance of this pairing are something I love. The design makes it look durable, anyway. The clicker gives transformer vibes.

The keys’ tactile feedback and the clicker’s precise tracking were standout features for me – I think this duo is well worth the money you’d pay for it. I would say it’s not as comfortable to use as the other options in the article.

MSI Vigor GK30

The MSI Vigor GK30 seems like an incredible duo. It looks good, the reviews are good, and it’s not too expensive. You can buy the two of them together online for around £50, last I checked.

I love the thoughtfulness in design – it doesn’t look flashy from the outside, but it’s optimised to reduce strain and enhance comfort – something I definitely need if I’m playing for hours. According to reviews, the board’s feeling made each gaming session enjoyable. Your hand won’t begin to lock up if you’ve been holding the pointing device for too long. I’ve done that before.

For me, this one seems like a good all-rounder for an affordable price.

Taihahiro Typewriter Retro

These two are one of my favourites. The Taihahiro Typewriter Retro pairing blends nostalgia and modern functionality – it’s good for lovers of all things ye olde (but still specific to the computer age, of course).

The performance is anything but dated. The tactile response of the mechanical keys is good for me. And the customer reviews I’ve found online seem good, so thanks for the tip-off, Kevin from Barnstable.

For players who love to infuse their gaming setup with a touch of retro flair like me, this is the iconic duo you should select.

You can buy this online for around £70, at the time of my writing this.

My checklist

Picking your bread and butter tech will ultimately and probably come down to style and price. A lot of people will buy something simply because it looks good. To pick your ideal c-c-c-combo, I think you must consider:

  • The style and design
  • What you want to use it for
  • The price
  • Customer reviews

If in doubt, I always look at customer reviews.

What would you pick? It’ll probably boil down to what type of computer gamer you are and how much money you want to spend. One thing I did learn when creating this article is how much a simple keyboard and mouse can cost. Well, probably not that simple, that’s why they’re so expensive, but to me it seems that way.

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