Wireless mouse works battery free


My wireless mouse dies about once a month. And God forbid I use the built in touch pad! This Battery Free Wireless Mouse needs no batteries at all. The mouse is powered by an electrical field emitted from the mouse pad, powered from the USB port.

The high quality optical mouse never needs to have batteries replaced since their simply isn’t any. It keeps going, and going, and going. Without the help of batteries. Take that Energizer Bunny, you cocky bastard. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. So then it really isn’t wireless. You need the mousepad to work the mouse and the mousepad uses a wire to the usb…might as well get a regular mouse.

  2. @CrazyGlitch Well that depends…If you are correct and it requires you to be on the mousepad to work, then yes it might as well be a regular mouse. If, however, it works completely wirelessly and the mousepad merely acts as a charger (similar to a docking station), then this is awesome.

  3. The mouse itself IS wireless. But it needs the pad to work. This reminds me of a discusion i had in first grade with a friend who did not have a cordless phone. He thought that it was a phone that you can take with you anywhere (like a cell phone, but those was not heard of during the late 80’s) and me and his dad was both saying that there is a device that has the cords and is needed for the phone to work, and it wont work far from that device.

  4. This is old tech. My 75 year old grandfather got one 3 years ago!

  5. this is the most useless thing ever

    if I wanted to be bound to a mouse pad… I’d just use a higher quality wired mouse…

  6. This thing is stupid. The wireless is supposed to increase mobility, but this is just a wired mousepad/mouse combo. If you plug in the mousepad, why not just plug in a mouse and not have as much crap to lug around?

    Also, “The high quality optical mouse never needs to have batteries replaced since their simply isn�t any.” should be “…THERE simply AREN’T any.” Do the language the service of using it properly.

  7. It’s obvious that no one here has ever had to switch from a wireless mouse to a wired mouse. The cord has a neat way of obstructing your movements, especially if you’re using a cramped desk. This design eliminates that problem.

  8. this mouse is wireless, you can use it ANYWHERE without the mousepad. the mousepad only charges the mouses internal battery.

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