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Wireless mouse works battery free

My wireless mouse dies about once a month. And God forbid I use the built in touch pad! This Battery Free Wireless Mouse needs no batteries at all. The mouse is powered by an electrical field emitted from the mouse pad, powered from the USB port. The high quality optical mouse never needs to have batteries replaced since their simply ...

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The sexiest mouse on Earth? A mouse that looks like a TVR Tuscan

The Tuscan Street Mouse is a realistic replica of the TVR Tuscan Sports Car, reduced to the size of a wireless mouse. And yes, it actually is a wireless mouse. The replica is so complete that at first glance you might totally confuse it with a simple model car. Complete with headlights, the RF wireless mouse is ergonomically designed and ...

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SliMouse is finger food sized

The portable mouse became a huge commodity once WiFi led the notebook market to explode. Then came the popularity of the wireless mouse. Now, here comes the EXTRA portable mouse. This thing is so small it should be called the baby mouse since it seems like an offspring of its big sister (which would technically be incest). The finger sized ...

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