SliMouse is finger food sized

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The portable mouse became a huge commodity once WiFi led the notebook market to explode. Then came the popularity of the wireless mouse. Now, here comes the EXTRA portable mouse. This thing is so small it should be called the baby mouse since it seems like an offspring of its big sister (which would technically be incest). The finger sized SliMouse made by InferPoint, fits everything in that a typical mouse has. Instead of the two click buttons next to each other on the left and right, the SliMouse buttons are one in front of the other and a scroll wheel on the side. The whole finger sized mouse seems a little overdone. The word portable has gone too far. We can’t imagine the ease of use to be good with the way the clickers are set up. We haven’t used the SliMouse yet, but we still say, just get a wireless and cut out the middleman (even though the SliMouse is available in wireless form, we just really don’t like the idea of a mouse of this size, and an insecestous one at that.) — Andrew Dobrow

InferPoint  SliMouse [via Coolest Gadgets]

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