Zombie Arcades For The Rich Gamer In Us All

With all the DIY arcades out there like the Powerbook arcade or the Metroid themed MAME cabinet, you’d be crazy not to take a crack at building your own. Now if you just so happen to be rich, you won’t mind living by the motto, “can’t someone else do it?” Yes, someone else can do it and that someone is Zombie Arcades, a high-end arcade machines manufacturer based in the UK. These cabinets are are built from the ground up and designed for home use to bring back that classic arcade gaming experience you can only find if you traveled back to the ’80’s.

Each unit comes chock full with over 300 of the greatest arcade games from the past and present. With a 24″ Samsung LCD and two player arcade controls (with LED buttons), you must be wondering about the price. I hope you’re sitting down because these gaming rigs don’t go for anything shy of $4,400. Yowza. Time to put the house on a second mortgage.

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