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Trying Out The New Xbox 360 Experience

I hope you’ve been preparing for the new Xbox experience because it’s going to change the way you play your 360. No doubt you’ve heard that Microsoft has completely revamped the dashboard, bringing with it a new design and avatars that give core players the casual feel of the Wii. Is this a good thing? It sure is according to ...

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Prepare For The New Xbox Experience

Microsoft has announced its New Xbox Experience will launch November 19, bringing a fresh look to the Xbox 360 Dashboard that integrates social features and customizable gamer avatars reminiscent of the Nintendo Wii’s Mii. In order to compete with the upcoming PlayStation Home, Microsoft is adding a slew of avatars, social networking features and more media to the Xbox 360.

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Zombie Arcades For The Rich Gamer In Us All

With all the DIY arcades out there like the Powerbook arcade or the Metroid themed MAME cabinet, you’d be crazy not to take a crack at building your own. Now if you just so happen to be rich, you won’t mind living by the motto, “can’t someone else do it?” Yes, someone else can do it and that someone is ...

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