DIY: Glowing Multipurpose Pushbuttons

Making your own arcade unit? What about some other DIY project that uses buttons? Buttons that don’t glow are mundane and unattractive, so why not make your own illuminating buttons? Playing arcade games in the dark is tough without being able to see what button you’re mashing down upon.

Thankfully, Hacknmod has written up a great how to guide on converting those dull unilluminating buttons into the glowing variety. It’s not too late to turn the buttons on your DIY Neo-Geo joystick into something worthwhile.


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  1. you know that’s rather amusing coincidence. I spent like 15 minutes on the net today thinking about what I’d need to build a mame box. using LCD’s makes them a lot more feasible than back in the day when u had to track down an over sized crt.

    Oh and vince sucks at SOTN.

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