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10 Epic 80’s Cartoons We Loved

Gummi Bears Cartoon

There have been plenty of great cartoons over the years, but when it comes to the best cartoons, most of us will agree that the 80's is where it's at. With so many good ones to choose from it has been hard to compile a list of just 10 but here goes nothing!

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Because It’s Friday: Amazing Dating Videos from the 80s

Back in the 1980’s there was no such thing as eHarmony. In fact, there was barely an effective matchmaking system that didn’t occur on game shows. If you didn’t meet your soul mate in high school, there was no sitting on your ass in front of a computer screen. You actively had to seek out the dating scene by bar ...

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Retro Cellphone Wallet Includes Antenna

Perhaps one of the geekiest wallets I’ve ever seen, Toddland offers this Retro Cellphone Wallet. So retro that it includes an antenna. Each wallet runs for $24. If cellphones aren’t your thing (God help you if they aren’t,) Toddland offers a few different geeky designs, including a UFO wallet and a Rocket Ship wallet. Nothing else quite like this Cellphone ...

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Watch / Cigarette Lighter Hybrid From the 80s

They just don’t make ’em like they used too. Check out this awesome Watch / Cigarette Lighter from some forgotten year of the 1980s. Novelty watch collector Shea Connolly says this is his favorite watch in his collection, and I don’t blame him. If I spotted a gadget like this at a garage sale like he did, I’d likely poop ...

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80s Cake Does Not Include Hair Metal

The 80s was an orgy for geeky pop-culture enthusiasts, springing up pop phenomenon around every corner. The list just goes on and on. ALF, The Smurfs, video games, ALF. As you can see, I could just keep going all night. This 80s Cake celebrates some of the most iconic and obscure elements of 1980s culture including the Rubik’s Cube, Michael ...

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Contest: Win A JBL On Stage Micro iPod Dock

UPDATE: Contest is over. Thanks to all who entered! Hey! Do you like music? Not good enough. We’re looking for readers who LOVE music and tunes. Know why? Because, simply put, we have two JBL On Stage Micros to give away. It’s a small iPod dock that looks fantastic and packs a lot of power. Have you been looking for ...

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Zombie Arcades For The Rich Gamer In Us All

With all the DIY arcades out there like the Powerbook arcade or the Metroid themed MAME cabinet, you’d be crazy not to take a crack at building your own. Now if you just so happen to be rich, you won’t mind living by the motto, “can’t someone else do it?” Yes, someone else can do it and that someone is ...

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Pac-Mac Guitar: Van Halen Would Have Loved This

In full 80s style, SPECIMEN Custom Guitars has designed a Pac-Mac themed electrical guitar, much more friendly looking than the Steampunk Guitar. The fingerboard of the guitar features blinking little guys, ya know, the ones that Pac-Mac loves to gobble down. A variable-speed knob is located on the eyeball so you can synchronize the blinker to the beat, jamming out ...

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