Xbox 360 Chrome Replacement Shell makes your console slightly less geeky

chrome xbox 360 shell

The vanilla colored skins of the Xbox 360 get very boring extremely fast. True, the actual appearance of a console isn’t that important when your knee deep in dead bodies you just slaughtered, but the point is that a console that takes up so much of your time should look badass too.

This chrome replacement shell adds a nice hint of class and coolness to your otherwise plain casing, while also keeping a more clean cut look then the Kill Bill mods of yore. Those of you who keep track of this type of thing probably remember the insane popularity of the PS3 colored mods that gaming and tech blogs alike were going frantic about (including us).   Not only do these babies add more shine to your style then the rims on Kanye West’s cars, but also makes as a nice little mirror to check your hair if by some rare chance you have a lady friend coming over.

NCS says that the installation is easy enough to do yourself. For $49, a chrome finish is a nice touch to add to a plain part of your life and would be a great companion piece to the equally futuristic Power Glove Wiimote Mod. — Andrew Dobrow

Chrome Xbox 360 Replacement Shell  [National Console Support]

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