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Sex Up Your Seagate

Seagate, in partnership with MusicSkin, has released 161 fitted skins for their FreeAgent Go external hard drives. Seagate is on a mission. Launching the project “Pimp My Drive,” users can now add a dose of personality to their oh-so-impersonal hard drives, which already happen to be all colorful-like anyway. $20 earns you your very own skin selection. Does John Lennon ...

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Gear Skins For Label Whores

Music Skins (a.k.a. GelaSkins) collaborated with streetwear label Lemar and Dauley to create a line of covers for laptops, iPods, iPhones, and plain old cellphones. All of the skins are emblazoned with Lemar and Dauley’s rainbow skyline logo. I dig the skyline drawing on the skins, but I don’t see why anyone besides a major label whore would want two ...

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eBoy Skins For iPod Make Pixel Magic

More than a year ago, we showcased an excellent poster design which took pixelized art and created a city out of Web 2.0 companies, created by eBoy. Now, eBoy is rolling out their very own iPod skins. The eBoy touch is very clear and is an excellent add-on for your Apple device. That is, if you have grown tired of ...

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Xbox 360 Chrome Replacement Shell makes your console slightly less geeky

The vanilla colored skins of the Xbox 360 get very boring extremely fast. True, the actual appearance of a console isn’t that important when your knee deep in dead bodies you just slaughtered, but the point is that a console that takes up so much of your time should look badass too. This chrome replacement shell adds a nice hint ...

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The Keyboard is sure to start the party up

Razzle dazzle may not be a word you normally hear used to describe a computer keyboard, but Luxiium’s Luxeed sparkles like no other keyboard before it. Each key can be personalized with a choice of 512 colors with pre-made color templates preloaded. Not only colors can be changed, but rhythm. The skins can be coordinated to move to the beat ...

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MyTego introduces total electronic personalization of your favorite devices

Only days ago on Christmas Day, millions of people were introduced to new personal electronics, many of which fall under one of the “Big 10” which includes the Nintendo Wii, Sony PS3 and PSP, ipod Nano, Blackberry, Treo, DELL Notebook Laptop, Motorola and Palm. With the millions of hands now playing with their gadgets, there are millions of people eager ...

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