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Crystal Clear Nintendo DSi Shell

Personally, putting new shells on consoles was never my thing. I never understood why someone would risk taking apart their shiny new PlayStation or Sega Dreamcast so that they could wrap it up in a clear, translucent layer of plastic. But such is life, as well as this Nintendo DSi case. Created by accessories manufacturer XCM, the shell lets you ...

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It’s Peanut Butter Time, No Jelly

If you’re wondering how George Washington Carver discovered three hundred uses for peanuts, you’re wasting your time. Everyone knows there is only one use for peanuts and that’s the creation of delicious peanut butter. By the end of the month, this peanut butter machine will be available for you to crush up your favorite shell nuts into creamy rich nut ...

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M-112 Concept Car

This is one tiny-ass car. It truly puts cars like the MINI and SmartCar to shame in terms of size and fuel economy. There isn’t much info on the M-112, though one can easily see it’s a small one-seater that resembles a futuristic go-kart. Don’t hold your breath if you’re thinking of getting one, as it was specially designed for ...

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Xbox 360 Chrome Replacement Shell makes your console slightly less geeky

The vanilla colored skins of the Xbox 360 get very boring extremely fast. True, the actual appearance of a console isn’t that important when your knee deep in dead bodies you just slaughtered, but the point is that a console that takes up so much of your time should look badass too. This chrome replacement shell adds a nice hint ...

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