Wind Turbines Inspired By Ancient Methods

We’re digging this eco-friendly goodness from the folks at Windation Energy Systems. If you couldn’t guess by the name, they deal with organic means of producing wind energy. The developer of Windation’s latest wind turbine, Mark Sheikhrezai, was inspired by wind catchers used by the Persians to keep their interiors cool.

The concept is simple: wind blows into the top, then it’s directed downward where the wind turns a turbine that generates up to five kilowatts of electricity. That’s almost as good as saving the environment while working out, but even better because you can sit on your ass all day. We approve.

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  1. Hydrogen inflated units seem like a good idea too, of course, the Hindenburg incident may dampen enthusiasm for this approach.
    Small, co-op or homeowner sized units could contribute to decentralized power supply which is a good idea for a lot of reasons, unless you want to be the one supplying power to everyone.
    Would “no fly” zones have to be established where these turbines are installed,or launched?
    I love this approach because it seems like a low cost way to get the turbine up where the wind is best, and you wouldn’t have to cut trees down, as I would have to,to generate power for my home.
    I vote for small units widely distributed.

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