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Wind Turbines Inspired By Ancient Methods

We’re digging this eco-friendly goodness from the folks at Windation Energy Systems. If you couldn’t guess by the name, they deal with organic means of producing wind energy. The developer of Windation’s latest wind turbine, Mark Sheikhrezai, was inspired by wind catchers used by the Persians to keep their interiors cool. The concept is simple: wind blows into the top, ...

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Energy Independence Is Our Future

Swedish company Home Energy has not forgotten about our energy independence even if our leaders of tomorrow have. It’s made a wind turbine shaped as a sphere called the Energy Ball. Home Energy claims that the shape allows for higher aerodynamic efficiency in comparison to traditional design as well as complete silence during operation. The Energy Ball comes in two ...

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Turn Turn Turn: Vertical-axis Wind Turbine

Whether you’re trying to score green tax credits or just help the earth out a bit, the $5000 Windspire is definitely the way to go. Designed by Mariah Power, the Windspire comes with all the equipment you need to start generating power from the wind. Due to the vertical-axis the Windspire uses, people in tighter/urban areas will find it fits ...

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Urwerk’s New Sexy 202 Hammerhead Automatic Watch Runs With Turbines

Urwerk took their opportunity at SIHH 2008 to unveil their new 202 Hammerhead Automatic wrist watch which has a innovative new winding rate which is geared with fluid dynamics. For over a century, watch makers were playing around with watches powered with air friction, aided by a traditional rotating vane, much more reliable then the old sand-powered hour glass. The ...

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HyMini Wind Powered Device Charger Puts The Green In Awesome

So, the HyMini might be much ado about nothing, but it’s still pretty impressive and potentially a great idea for green integration in the future. Dubbed as a “mini green hybrid power station”, you charge the HyMini up from a main. When you go out for a bike or car-ride, attach the little guy to your vehicle, and the wind ...

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You Say You Want A Revolution Door

Green power generation isn’t easy for large buildings. Some high-powered businesses, such as casinos and office buildings, would need a solar power grid the size of Rhode Island (the smallest state, but come on). The Revolution Door adds a turbine to the revolving door of power hungry businesses. As people come and go through the doors, power is generated. Might ...

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