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Skyscraper Farm Coming To Singapore

Even more architecture that resembles the “arcologies” of Sim City 2000 are sprouting up, this time in Singapore.Here, eco-minded architecture firm TR Hamzah & Yeang is designing this skyscraper it’s calling the EDITT (Ecological Design In The Tropics) Tower. This 26-story skyscraper will be constructed using various recycled and recyclable materials. Not only that, but the tower will include the ...

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Wind Turbines Inspired By Ancient Methods

We’re digging this eco-friendly goodness from the folks at Windation Energy Systems. If you couldn’t guess by the name, they deal with organic means of producing wind energy. The developer of Windation’s latest wind turbine, Mark Sheikhrezai, was inspired by wind catchers used by the Persians to keep their interiors cool. The concept is simple: wind blows into the top, ...

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New York Turns To Alternative Power

Tuesday night at the National Clean Energy Summit, Mayor Bloomberg of New York City expressed his vision of a cleaner more green New York. He urged the need for energy-efficient design and proposed alternative methods of obtaining power, whether it be by wind or solar means. He goes as far as suggesting to add wind turbines to both the Brooklyn ...

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Why Stay Homeless? Get A Skip

Oliver Bishop-Young, a Goldsmiths University graduate, demonstrated projects regarding skips at the New Designers showcase in London earlier this month. For those not familiar with a skip or what it is, simply put: it’s a dumpster. With the massive amount of idle skips laying around the city and all the crap we throw into landfills, we might as well get ...

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