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Could Flood Waters Help To Prevent Flooding?

Sorg Architects dam

Following the impact of Hurricane Sandy, MoMA PS1 set up a challenge for designers to come up with a new method of rebuilding that would help to protect the area from future hurricane impact. Sorg Architects answered that request with quite an innovative solution!

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Pacman is Also Good For Lighting

The very Pacman-esque O! Cap is a eco-friendly bulb cap which provides a calming color and fragrance. The scented silicon O! Cap comes in an assortment of colors and fragrances including: orange with mandarin aroma, green with lemongrass aroma or purple with cherry blossom aroma. The scent is emitted after fake Packy is placed over an eco-friendly bulb. Screw the ...

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Got Extra Eco Tote Bags? Turn Them Into Pillows

Like many of you, I’ve accumulated more eco fabric tote bags than I know what to do with. There is just no way I’d ever buy enough groceries to fill all of these things. So instead of wasting perfectly good fabric, why not use the bags to create something you’ll actually use? These DIY eco tote bag pillows are an ...

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Abisko Washbasin Provides Extra Incentive To Save Water

While the Abisko Washbasin does a fine job of encouraging water conservation, I’d one-up this design and go a bit further. You see, the Abisko Washbasin uses an angled design which allows wasted water to flow its way down through a drainage grill installed in the floor. If you really wanted to encourage people to conserve water, you have to ...

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Green Star Wars Tees Are Encouraging

Saving the planet and Star Wars. What more could a geek want? Other than a Lucy Liu sex-bot, of course. The Jedi were always the ones that came off as the treehugger type. Darth and the rest of the dark side didn’t have much consideration for natural beauty. Perhaps never more evident than when he blows up Princess Leia‘s beautiful ...

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This Bag Will Self-Biodegrade in 60 Days

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to save the Earth. These 60 Bags are an awesome line of biodegradable carriers which degrade in about two months, or 60 days. Aptly titled, huh? Made and developed in Poland, the bags are manufactured out of a flax-viscose non-woven fabric (which actually sounds pretty edible if you happened to be ...

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Samsung Blue Earth

Cellphones are a great convenience for us, but not so great for Mother Earth. See, cellphones pack lots of toxic, non-biodegradable chemicals and components. That’s why Samsung created Blue Earth, a cellie made from recycled plastic bottles that can be charged via solar panels on the back of the device. It’ll text, it’ll call, it’ll even tell you how many ...

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NYC Is Going Green With LED Street Lamps

The Department of Transportation for NYC is working closely with the Office for Visual Interaction to try and replace all of the cruddy old street lamps desecrating the city’s power supply and visual appeal. These ultra-efficient LED lamps possess multiple light lenses which provides the surroundings with two light sources for each lamp. With less power usage and a longer ...

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It’s A Cup. No, It’s A Hard Drive. No, It’s A Cup

I’ve got a problem with designer Franco Marino Cagnina’s external hard drive concept. It’s not the fact that it’s 100% recyclable which gets to me, that’s just fine and dandy. It’s the fact that it looks exactly like a cup which really bothers me. That’s not to say I don’t approve of a design change over the traditional square box ...

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