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A Little Help Dividing Recyclables The Right Way

Technically, our recyclables are supposed to be divided into metal, paper, plastic, and others. Usually they just wind up in a vaguely spaced pile which seems to be separated by a coincidence. The Barcode Trashcan allows you to simply scan your soon-to-be recycled items, at which point a built-in computer figures out what material that barcode corresponds to, and ejaculates ...

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You Say You Want A Revolution Door

Green power generation isn’t easy for large buildings. Some high-powered businesses, such as casinos and office buildings, would need a solar power grid the size of Rhode Island (the smallest state, but come on). The Revolution Door adds a turbine to the revolving door of power hungry businesses. As people come and go through the doors, power is generated. Might ...

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Guerrilla Plumbing: How To Save The Earth By Sneaking Around

So you’re at a party, perhaps you have a few alcoholic beverages floating through your bloodstream and you’re feeling like an eco-friendly vigilante. All the beer in your belly makes you have to piss worse than a scared schoolgirl. You take a trip to the bathroom, only to your horror, you see that your buddy is still using a toilet ...

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Power Consciousness: Giving Consumption A Human Edge

Talking about consumption and conservation is great and all, but how many people actually know how much energy they use? We have those meters connected to our homes, but no one but people who work for the power company knows how to read them. Power Consciousness is a device made to explain how much energy we use, without having to ...

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An Eco-Bladder For Your Green Home

If you are one of those people who collects rainwater to save on utility output, you know that the barrels typically used are large and unsightly. This Eco-Sac, or as we have come to call it, Eco-Bladder, is a flexible eco-friendly rainwater storage unit. The Eco-Sac can fit nice and snug under a patio, deck, or floor and are made ...

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HUMMER electric bike? Contradiction #1

Ready for an inherit contradiction? Here you go: a Hummer electric bike. It cannot possible, it goes against everything HUMMER stands for (killing the ozone, looking rich…). There is no way that HUMMER made this, right? Well, yes, that is right because this is a homemake custom bike. This custom bike features the very powerful Cyclone electric motor to propel ...

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