Guerrilla Plumbing: How To Save The Earth By Sneaking Around


So you’re at a party, perhaps you have a few alcoholic beverages floating through your bloodstream and you’re feeling like an eco-friendly vigilante. All the beer in your belly makes you have to piss worse than a scared schoolgirl. You take a trip to the bathroom, only to your horror, you see that your buddy is still using a toilet that clearly doesn’t correspond to your eco standards.

There’s a little hack you can do on the sly that ensures that the toilet uses less water than it would otherwise. Open up the lid and bend the little metal rod that’s hooked up to the floater. This should cause the toilet to save a significant amount of water over time. Unless the rod is made of plastic. In which case if you try and bend that sucker in your drunken haze, you owe your friend a new toilet. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. What if the toilet is newer and doesn’t have the float on the arm and has the float mechanism on the fill tube?

  2. just refill a few empty bottles with water, twist the caps back on and drop them in the tank. anything with volume and mass enough to sink. we used bricks, but im imagining party waste going to good use. whatever works, works!

  3. There’s another and a easy way to do it is putting a 0.5 lt filled water bottle in water tank of the toilet 😀

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