HUMMER electric bike? Contradiction #1

hummer electric bike

Ready for an inherit contradiction? Here you go: a Hummer electric bike. It cannot possible, it goes against everything HUMMER stands for (killing the ozone, looking rich…). There is no way that HUMMER made this, right? Well, yes, that is right because this is a homemake custom bike. This custom bike features the very powerful Cyclone electric motor to propel the bike once you get going. The max speed of this eco-friendly bike is 20mph, which isn’t bad at all considering that you wouldn’t go much faster than than if you tried to on your bike. According to the engine and gear system’s website, the Cyclone has great battery life, great torque for going up hills, and will work with the existing gears. Video after the jump.

[ev type=”youtube” data=”selRFZUzh6Q”][/ev]

Nik Gomez

Custom-Built HUMMER Electric Bike [TechEBlog]

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