NYC Is Going Green With LED Street Lamps

The Department of Transportation for NYC is working closely with the Office for Visual Interaction to try and replace all of the cruddy old street lamps desecrating the city’s power supply and visual appeal.

These ultra-efficient LED lamps possess multiple light lenses which provides the surroundings with two light sources for each lamp. With less power usage and a longer lifespan, New York will be getting more bang for their buck. Conserving energy is nice, too.

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  1. Needs to be solar powered, self activated by low light conditions, and why do lights in our pedestrian dominated city only face the street? It should also illuminate the sidewalks as well. Unless this light can bleed enough light into the sidewalk. The sidewalk should be as bright as the street.

    Also in parks it should be motion activated with 360 degree coverage.

  2. In fact more and more towns are installing LED lights street lighting. There are several obvious reasons: Up to 50% energy savings vs. HPS and metal halide lamps, which allows them to pay back for the installation cost of the LED lights street
    lighting in just months. LED streetlights are huge, not only in energy consumption but also in lower maintenance cost and replacements. Furthermore, they have a much longer working life.

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