Invisible Streetlight Is Very Visible

In your neighborhood, you may have noticed that the street lights can be almost as horrendous looking as the telephone lines. Designer Jongoh Lee must’ve been disgusted by the intrusion on mother nature for having come up with these solar powered street lights that imitate leaves, called Invisible Streetlight. The lights are comprised of a double injection of silicon, aluminum materials and a photocapacitor, which keeps it glowing all night long.

While it’s by no means a bloomin’ dildo light source, it’ll at least fit in with the other leaves on the tree. Though we’re more impressed with leaves that want to be lights rather than lights that want to be leaves, the Invisible Streetlight is a fine alternative to power wasting street lights.

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  1. This is awesome! I’m all up for the elimination the uglty street lights we have now!

  2. Imagine a city filled with these, instead of our everyday streetlights. That’d be nothing short of marvelous. And solar powered! Gorgeous.

  3. Invisible Streetlight emits light at nighttime by saving energy from sunlight during the day

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