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The Lamp That Adjusts To Your Surroundings

Every now and then there comes a lamp that makes me tingle. I’m not referring to the Smoon Ombrella or the Centipede Lamp, though those two are weird in their own right. Designer Chris Natt was fed up with varying levels of light in his work environment, so he made this lamp, the Stimuli 3.0, that will keep the light ...

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I Have A Really Small Lamp

Sometimes size doesn’t matter. But we all know that only men lacking in the trouser snake department say that. For example, don’t buy a Ferrari because you have a tiny penis. Sure, you’ll get a date out of it but, once you drop your pants, that girl will be singing to the whole town about what you aren’t packing. Why ...

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Invisible Streetlight Is Very Visible

In your neighborhood, you may have noticed that the street lights can be almost as horrendous looking as the telephone lines. Designer Jongoh Lee must’ve been disgusted by the intrusion on mother nature for having come up with these solar powered street lights that imitate leaves, called Invisible Streetlight. The lights are comprised of a double injection of silicon, aluminum ...

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Why Such A Fancy Fire Station?

The picture above is Microsoft’s new fortress of solitude for Bill Gates. Just kidding, it’s actually a fire station in Mexico City. It was designed by the companies At 103 and BGP Arquitectura. It’s not much of a looker during the day but at night, light shines through the slits in between the chrome-like plates for an impressive light show ...

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DIY: Glowing Multipurpose Pushbuttons

Making your own arcade unit? What about some other DIY project that uses buttons? Buttons that don’t glow are mundane and unattractive, so why not make your own illuminating buttons? Playing arcade games in the dark is tough without being able to see what button you’re mashing down upon. Thankfully, Hacknmod has written up a great how to guide on ...

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Lose the Bulb With Illuminating Glass

I just can’t get enough of all thisnew glass. Saazs has developed a self-illuminating glass which could eventuallyreplacelight-bulbsaltogether. It’s an eco-friendly design that eliminates the need for electricity. It doesn’t quite light up the room like a neon-light would and only lasts about 20 years, but it’s still a better solution if you’re all about the green. Environmental improvements are ...

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