The Lamp That Adjusts To Your Surroundings

Every now and then there comes a lamp that makes me tingle. I’m not referring to the Smoon Ombrella or the Centipede Lamp, though those two are weird in their own right. Designer Chris Natt was fed up with varying levels of light in his work environment, so he made this lamp, the Stimuli 3.0, that will keep the light level constant. When asked, “What the hell is this thing you made, Chris?”

His response, �It’s a lighting system whose shape and therefore light output sensitively varies inversely with the surrounding natural light intensity. For example, at dusk, illumination gradually increases as natural light recedes. At the heart of this device is a unique 3 axis gear box which enables this subtle alteration of lighting through an attractive and striking change in form of the device.�

Very cool, indeed. It’s like a chameleon but instead of color-changing skin, it’s camouflage is the light and it adjusts accordingly. I can’t imagine skulking in front of my Hot Pocket-infested desk in the office of my Mother’s basement without one of these to keep the light level just right.


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