I Have A Really Small Lamp

Sometimes size doesn’t matter. But we all know that only men lacking in the trouser snake department say that. For example, don’t buy a Ferrari because you have a tiny penis. Sure, you’ll get a date out of it but, once you drop your pants, that girl will be singing to the whole town about what you aren’t packing.

Why not show her something worth talking about that isn’t connected to your body, like the Little Lamp. What makes it so little? The fact that its power source is also its stand, which happens to be a D-cell battery. It packs quite the punch for such a tiny lamp and one battery provides 150 hours of light from an LED bulb that’ll outlive the next 40 batteries you use on it. At $35, it won’t confuse your lady friends at the dinner table like the lamp candle and it’ll also give them a hint of what’s to come.

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