Wii II: Portable Edition, if only concepts were true


This is just too damn cool to ever exist. This concept for the Wii II (assuming there will be one), offers a totally different take on console design, adding portability to the Wii. How is this done you might ask? Well for one, there is a built-in projector which doubles as the laser sensor for the Wiimote. All you would have to do is point it towards a surface and play.

The color of the console would be totally customizable and the Wii II would not only be able to play DVDs, but would also be compatible with Gamecube games. It would feature 15 hours of battery life and pack in 2 GB of on-board memory. Yeah, keep dreaming. We know we will. — Andrew Dobrow


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  1. Jacob Dale Cleary

    I wish I could get something this good. ^_^

  2. Dudes… People believe this pile of dribble… It would never ever exist and Nintendo will never create another console called anything close to. Wii. Think about it, Nintendo’s history tells you the same.

    Besides, Wii 2? That is just incredibly stupid and who the shit would call this load of turd that? Rumors… I hate them so much… Like there was going to be a DS 2 but no, retards, it was a DSi same with the PSP first it was 3000 now it’s Go.

    I hate people.

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