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Apple accepting iPhone tech support job applications

And they will need all the support they can get! With a totally new interface being released to the mobile world, people are going to be in a tizzy about their iPhone. And if early word of the iPhone’s performance isn’t any indication, people are going to be up in arms about the low battery life unless they fix the ...

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Wii II: Portable Edition, if only concepts were true

This is just too damn cool to ever exist. This concept for the Wii II (assuming there will be one), offers a totally different take on console design, adding portability to the Wii. How is this done you might ask? Well for one, there is a built-in projector which doubles as the laser sensor for the Wiimote. All you would ...

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Kinetic powered mobile phone patented, will recharge when you move

With most mobile companies working their hardest to improve battery life and charge time, there are other options popping up as well. This patent for Kinetic power phones would make recharging as easy as shaking the phone, an idea explored in the past only as a concept by ModeLabs. The kinetic energy to electric energy technology is not new in ...

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Sony NW-A800 Video Walkman: Rumor or reality?

There’s no telling what leaks are real and which are just hoaxes. Supposedly, the photo above is the first look at the Sony Video Walkman, dubbed the NW-A800. The Walkman is regarded as Sony’s answer to the iPod Nano except for its very superior battery life for video playback. Sony Germany has a teaser photo and count down which is ...

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