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Projecteo, The Tiny Instagram Projector


Projecteo is a small (fit in the palm of your hand) projector created by Mint Digital. The tiny projector projects images from a tiny reel on to the closest wall. The reels are created at the time of your projector purchase by linking directly to your Instagram account. The direct linkup makes reel creation easy and fast - just select your 9 Instagram images for your picture reel and let Projecteo do the rest of the work.

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Optimus Prime Alarm Clock With Projector

In my younger and more vulnerable years, I owned many action figures from the hit TV show Transformers. Of course, in those years we didn’t have access to bitchin’ projector clocks with Optimus Prime’s head mounted for show such as this one. This decapitated Optimus Prime voices your favorite phrases from the show, like “Autobots transform and roll out.” You’ll ...

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Light Rain Makes Little Sense

We’ve seen interactive projection walls before but none as artsy fartsy as Wowlab’s. A camera identifies the contours of a human body standing in front of a wall. The projection will then interact with the persons via rain drops splashing in reaction to shadow, water puddles are created, and in the water even constellations may appear. Now if only I ...

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The Tiniest Projector Ever Ideal For Your iPod

Texas Instruments has announced it’s making the tiniest projector ever created commercially available. Dubbed the Optoma Pico, the projector will be available next year with an insanely small DLP chip inside. While it’d be great to see the projector built into your cellphone, Optoma Pico will disappointingly remain a stand-alone mini projector. The product should be making its way to ...

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R2-D2 Projector Turned Server Monitor

Too negligent to monitor a server system? Well, if you’re a huge Star Wars geek like these Japanese fellows, then you can build your own R2-D2 server monitor out of a $3,000 dollar R2-D2 projector. The R2-D2 alerts workers whenever a server goes offline and can even project server status on a wall or ceiling. Sooner or later, someone will ...

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Texas Instruments Bringing Projectors to Mobile Phones By Year’s End

Imagine the possibilities of having a tiny mobile-projector inside your cellphone. You could hold your own intimate private screenings, showcase the bestiality porn you found on IRC last night or broadcast. Really, the possibilities are endless. Thanks to John Van Scoter over at Texas Instruments, we now know that some cellphones will receive a portable projector by the end of ...

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Transformer Phone Concept Molds To Accomplish Any Task

Thanks to an innovative design and well-thought form-factor, the Transformer concept phone by Shkinder Maxim can do much more than your average mobile device. The Transformer has the capability to act as a mobile phone, photo/video camera, multimedia player, projector, and is even working on support for holographic imaging and 3D scanning. Featuring 2 independent swiveling and flipping displays, the ...

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Wide-screen Outdoor Theater probably not as good as made to look

You know how in fast food ads, the food is always made to look like a perfect specimen of slightly cooked processed beef, but in actuality you’re getting the ugliest meal ever consumed? Something tells us this wide-screen outdoor projector is being advertised along the same lines. In all appearances, it looks like a perfect home theater to have a ...

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