What Will The Presidential Candidates Look Like In 4 Years?


We’ve all heard enough about the presidential election in the recent months, but of what constructive use does this give us? Sure, we have a better idea of who could be running the free world for the next 4 to 8 years, but come on, we need some LOLz in our life! A change of pace from all of the politics stuff.

Thanks to some creative uses of Photoshop, we can now magically guess what our next president will look like in 4 years, by the end of their first term. We can see from past recent president’s that this job ages you a few decades in a fraction of the time. The stress just comes with the territory. So forget where America will be in four years, and rejoice in the fact that whoever is running the place will be much uglier than when they began. Hit the jump for the two other usual suspects.



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  1. Very believable effects! The “winner” will certainly age much worse than the others in four years. I think it would affect McCain worse than is shown here.

  2. Good Grief! Is this all the elite have given us to choose from??

  3. For John McCain there should just be a tombstone.

  4. @Robb or maybe mummy wrappings.

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