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Wikileaks, Nirvana, and the Net of Indra

In a post at the Atlantic today, Jaron Lanier offers to reframe the Wikileaks question. But what he does looks much more like the infamous mission statement of the National Review: to stand athwart history yelling �stop!�

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Obama is a Twitter Fraud

I am shocked… SHOCKED about the recent revelation that Obama has not authored any of his 418 tweets posted to his Twitter account, @BarackObama. Doesn’t he have a free second between ruling the free world and meeting with world leaders to fill us in about… oh I don’t know… what he’s eating for lunch, maybe? While in China, Obama was ...

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The Real American Beauty

I’d hit it and then take it to a buffet in my Ford. The real “American Beauty” looks more like this than Mena Suvari. Mena’s got a monster forehead anyway. You ever seen that thing? The size of a damn billboard. Link

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Meet Your New President of Tech

Overlord Obama has officially announced our new commander-in-geek. Vivek Kundra was proclaimed our new president of everything cool and internet-y (along with the FCC head), or the U.S. government’s Chief Information Officer if you want to get “technical” about it. See what I did there? That’s called a “pun.” Kundra has been known to encourage open sourcing and accessible coding, ...

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UNDFTD Obama T-Shirt

Barack Obama clothing is everywhere these days. In order to give your even more Obama wardrobe options, UNDFTD teamed up with Geoff McFetridge to make this shirt featuring likenesses of the Democratic Presidential candidate. UNDFTD’s Obama shirt is part of a voter registration drive. They’re releasing the shirt at an event in Las Vegas on October 4th. It’s a pretty ...

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Obama and Biden Unleash iPhone App

In a terrible attempt to stay partisan, we’ll just point you to the link on the iTunes store where you can download a Obama/Biden ’08 iPhone application. It has campaign news, an Election Day ticker, donate button and plenty of other information. You can even call your friends to get the word out. Anyone used it? Decent? Since McCain has ...

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