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Stone Age Is Now The ‘Stoned Age’

For a long time, scientists have suspected that humans have an ancient history of drug use. Without any proof, such speculations become nothing more than the rantings of a scientist doped out on hallucinogens. Now, valid proof that humans from the Stone Age dabbled in the arts of “getting fucked up” have appeared on the Caribbean island of Carriacou. Quetta ...

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Life Index Will Tell You How Long You Have Left

In the year 2154, biometrics might be so advanced that they will be able to tell us how long we have left to live based on data retrieved from our bodies. Or at least that’s the type of technological advancement that the creator of the Life Index is hoping for in the future. Envisioned by One & Co for the ...

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What Will The Presidential Candidates Look Like In 4 Years?

We’ve all heard enough about the presidential election in the recent months, but of what constructive use does this give us? Sure, we have a better idea of who could be running the free world for the next 4 to 8 years, but come on, we need some LOLz in our life! A change of pace from all of the ...

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