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Sarah Palin’s Tech Troubles

Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin may be working the whole naughty librarian vibe, but she’s apparently having a little bit of trouble with the internet. After John McCain revealed that he had chosen the Alaskan governor as his running mate, editors discovered that several new users had spent hours leading up to the announcement making 30 flattering edits to ...

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What Will The Presidential Candidates Look Like In 4 Years?

We’ve all heard enough about the presidential election in the recent months, but of what constructive use does this give us? Sure, we have a better idea of who could be running the free world for the next 4 to 8 years, but come on, we need some LOLz in our life! A change of pace from all of the ...

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Barack Obama Becomes Owned-bama

Barack Obama is all about spreading the word of hope. His counterparts would like you to think otherwise, as can be seen by a recent hacking of Obama’s very own Hope.net. The hacker smeared the site with red lettering which says “Spread the word! Barack Obama has no security on his web site! Will his administration have no security?”, later ...

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