Watchmen: Boring Snoozefest


Just wanted to give you my two cents this morning on what I thought about the Watchmen movie. I read the book about six months ago and while I loved the graphic novel, the movie adaption is pure rubbish. So bad, in fact, that I turned the pirated version of the movie off walked out after 40 minutes in. It was slow. It was dull. My three friends and I all agreed that we would rather be doing anything else in a Saturday night but watching the Watchmen.

So yes, that’s the cold hard truth. Those reviews about it being lackluster? Spot on.


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  1. I haven’t seen it yet, but i found the previews to be confusing. But i did find an interesting website that has a video with multiple reviews on the movie from across the nation. it’s cool to see what everyone thought about it. also, it has some funny youtube videos people made about the movie.

  2. I liked it. Then again, I went in to the theater with the lowest of expectations. It wasn’t difficult for the film to exceed them. Certainly it was a different kind of super hero movie and it did drag on a grueling 163 minutes, which is too long for any super hero flick. However, right when I was thinking, “When is this fucking movie going to end?” it wrapped up nicely. I’m content and I don’t think they could have adapted a story such as this on film any better.

  3. Worst movie I have ever seen. I haven’t read the book so that may make a difference however I am still astonished that people are saying they like it. What was that big glass thing Manhattan made on Mars? What the hell was that stupid tiger with antlers that just showed up for the last scene? Rubbish.

  4. The worst movie I’ve ever seen in my whole life… almost three hours of my life I will never get back.

    I never go to the restroom during movies… I had to go because I was too bored and needed something funnier to do, when coming back, they were showing the Jonas bros. movie in other room, I WAS TEMPTED TO GET IN THERE!!!…. THE JONAS BROTHERS SEEMED BETTER!!!!…. but no, my friends and my popcorn were still trapped in the watchmen room.

  5. If I had a chance between watching this LAME movie again or chopping my arm off with a rusty machette,,,Id be missing my arm and needing a tetnus shot! Holy crap!!! Did this movie really need to be almost 3 hours long? Too many plot holes to count! I WANT MY TIME BACK!!!

  6. utter shit. I don’t know why this movie got good reviews because it was a piece of shit!!!!

  7. so you complain about the movie being slow? did you actually read the comic, or you are of those that skip under the hood and just wants to watch the action parts? and you just watched 40 minutesof it, that clearly gives you enough to review a movie hehe, I bet you liked the dark knight

  8. I only watched it recently (last month actually). Was listening to some of the music from the sound track and so I figured I’d find out what others thought about it. Sorry to say but I should probably have read the graphic novel first…because I was bored to death by it.

    It felt like it took forever to start with the opening sequences and rather depressing music (well for me anyway). Come one…”Billie Holiday” with “You’re my thrill”. Aahhh! I think I fell asleep at around an hour in.

  9. I love how all these people go on about “you should read the novel first” “then you will understand. It’s a great movie.” shut your mouth! it’s a MOVIE! a movie is suppose to be entertaining to watch! novel or no novel. THE F*CKN MOVIE SUCKED AND WAS SUPER F*CKN BORING! LET IT GO!! i work night shift and i watched this at midnight and fell asleep after 30mins. then, i woke up from what seemed like a 4hour nap and the sh!t was still playing so i slept again. it felt like my 18 hour flight to Japan. THE MOVIE SUCKED PERIOD. i never read any Lord of the rings or Harry Potter. yet i loved the movies so stfu and let it go.

  10. I watched this last night, after 40-50 minutes of absolutely no story progress and shitty “superheroes” I decided to stop and watch something else instead.

    I’m glad I decided that, because I decided to watch Gamer, what a brilliant movie. Michael C. Hall is great in it and LOL at Milo Ventimiglia as “Rick Rape”. xD

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