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Be a Comic Book Character for Halloween

What might be the coolest damn costume ever, this Comic Book Character costume turns your skin into a pointillist canvas, perfect for those who prefer their significant others in 2D. I can always use a little Lois Lane action in my life. Amirite, huh huh?

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Watchmen Minifigs

If there’s one thing we go ga-ga over here at Gearfuse, it’s a kickass set of LEGOs. This Watchmen set? No exception. It was created by Jordan Schwartz and the neat thing is, each character is made from original LEGO parts. That’s right. No hand-painted nonsense here, folks. Just good ol’ fashioned tinkering with LEGOs. I’m personally a fan of ...

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Watchmen: Boring Snoozefest

Just wanted to give you my two cents this morning on what I thought about the Watchmen movie. I read the book about six months ago and while I loved the graphic novel, the movie adaption is pure rubbish. So bad, in fact, that I turned the pirated version of the movie off walked out after 40 minutes in. It ...

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