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Forget About Your Woman’s Man-Hands with Dr. Manhattan Gloves

We don’t want to know what you use these Dr. Manhattan Gloves for. We really don’t. Whether you’re using them to act out your darkest of sexual fantasies, or simply need a new pair of dish washing gloves, do as you will, but no asky, no telly. No matter what you use them for, they are just too damn cool ...

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Watchmen: Boring Snoozefest

Just wanted to give you my two cents this morning on what I thought about the Watchmen movie. I read the book about six months ago and while I loved the graphic novel, the movie adaption is pure rubbish. So bad, in fact, that I turned the pirated version of the movie off walked out after 40 minutes in. It ...

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Watchmen’s Rorschach Has a Blog

While I doubt in almost every way that this is some officially sanctioned publicity stunt, it doesn’t make this blog, written in the voice and style of Watchmen’s very own ink-blot donning protagonist, Rorschach, any less awesome. He walks the streets at nights, documenting the refuse of the city. And now, he has apparently moved his diary to the interwebz. ...

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