Walmart Exclusive 360 Controller For Art School Girls

What do antique telephones and dragons have to do with one another? Fuck if I know, but this controller’s design is sporting both. In light of the holiday season, Microsoft has released red and green versions of it’s wireless 360 controller that come packed with a charge kit for $65 bucks, while Walmart is exclusively selling this hideous design bundled with a wired headset for $50.

If you’re a girl, in art school or both then maybe this controller design would appeal to you. As for myself, well, I’d rather fuck a monkey with the Ebola virus than be caught playing games with this thing in my hands.

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  1. wanna now what, blow me. i believe this controller’s unique design brings something new to microsoft’s product, and if microsoft really worked on designing the controllers, then walmart wouldn’t have to release this remote.

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