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The Ebola-Killing Robot: Now in Use by US Hospitals

Xenex uses a super powered UV light to kill any harmful little beings trying to dig their way into your body. While the bot isn't guaranteed to kill every last germ hiding in every little corner, it does do a pretty good job of disinfecting a hospital room.

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Walmart Exclusive 360 Controller For Art School Girls

What do antique telephones and dragons have to do with one another? Fuck if I know, but this controller’s design is sporting both. In light of the holiday season, Microsoft has released red and green versions of it’s wireless 360 controller that come packed with a charge kit for $65 bucks, while Walmart is exclusively selling this hideous design bundled ...

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DIY E-bola Isn’t What You’re Thinking

I wouldn’t call this a weapon but more of a raver toy for use at that illegal warehouse party. Dubbed E-bola, it’s made by attaching an LED throwie (LEDs and a battery + electrical tape) to a rope which is then flailed around your body. Looks great in the dark, especially on ecstasy. Link

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