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Writing Ball Typewriter: The Curvy Steampunk Word Processor

The Malling-Hansen Writing Ball was originally unveiled in 1867, featuring a keyboard layout which has long since been buried in the depths of time. Did you know that QWERTY keyboards were originally designed to deter typewriter users from overburdening the keyboard with speedy typing, which would, in turn, jam the keys? But who cares. The star of the show is ...

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Walmart Exclusive 360 Controller For Art School Girls

What do antique telephones and dragons have to do with one another? Fuck if I know, but this controller’s design is sporting both. In light of the holiday season, Microsoft has released red and green versions of it’s wireless 360 controller that come packed with a charge kit for $65 bucks, while Walmart is exclusively selling this hideous design bundled ...

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Detachable cellphone fits every occasion

We showed you a modernized antique cellphone that puts color screen, mp3 player, bluetooth and camera into the old retro body. What would happen if you were able to detach the new part from the old body? Well, a shop in Taiwan has started selling such cellphone. When you feel like looking retro and have a backpack with you, tie ...

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