Ultra-Realistic Lightsaber Replicas From the Inside to the Out: More Authentic Than Master Replica Sabers

Brad Lewis is serious about his Star Wars. When it comes to lightsaber replicas, the Master Replica products just weren’t cutting it for him. So like any true fan, Brad took matter into his own hands. Mr. Lewis tracks down parts used for making the actual props in the films or the closest substitute he can find, and not only replicates the external design, but also all of the internals.

Brad’s fabrication of Luke’s/Anakin’s saber from A New Hope features everything down to the glowing internal focusing crystal, which is about as real as you’re going to get without traveling to a galaxy far, far away to harvest some lighsaber blueprints. Brad has a ton of pics on his site showing a step-by-step process of just how intricately this thing was put together.

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  1. how do you get the crystal

  2. That’s not Luke’s lightsabre – it more resembles Obi-Wan’s.

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